East Cheshire Software Engineering Limited

After 45 years working in computing, 26 years as a contractor, we have finally called time on the company. ECSEL is history. From now on I will be concentrating on open source development rather than paid employment. Though, if you need any C or Java written, it's worth mailing me (webmaster link above or below).

This site has been built 'by hand' as an exercise in direct HTML programming and a demonstration of a style that I can produce quickly and simply. It follows the now-normal separation of content, presentation and function. And it does have pictures on the other pages, honest! If you find any rough edges, please let me know. (Sympathetically, if at all possible ;-)
And feel free to inspect the source and send me your comments.

We are nothing to do with
Espoir Cycliste Saint Etienne Loire (though this link seems to be broken)
European Centre for Science, Ethics and Law